productive relationships

From the time the business is created or repositioned to the time when different interests arise between partners and/or family members, Kampas interventions promote more productive interpersonal relationships aimed at optimizing management quality and the company’s results.

partner coaching Partners and/or family members should seek out coaching in the following situations:

  • when rapid development of the operation results in a perceived loss of management control by one or more partners with a centralizing profile.
  • in planning for succession to lead the company’s management is imposed and family partners are unable to reach a consensual solution.
  • the company receives an attractive purchase offer, but conflict of interests between partners could put the negotiation at risk.
  • it is necessary to provide support for implementing corporate and/or family governance practices and guidelines.
  • partners begin to have different goals in relation to the investments needed to assure the continuity and growth of the business.
  • in creating a new business, when the partners want to align interests, goals and roles or even enter into an agreement on how the business will be run.
  • conflict of interest between partners (whether or not they are acting partners) is negatively impacting the decision-making process, immobilizing the company’s team of executives.
  • partners are in conflict because they disagree about starting negotiations to sell part and/or all of the company.